Swamp Mermaid

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For all the water babies. Earth's water is so important. We cannot live without it. So many beings and realms exist within. There are so many things about it we do not understand. The water has its own history, its own systems of power and spirituality. All we need to do is respect the water and the life inside of it, in return it gives us life. We can heal through it, we are made from it. It is our responsibility to keep it safe from us and for us. Next time you go to the water say thank you, ask for permission, and show your respect. We are given great abundance from the water. What a beautiful mystery and powerful force.

Upon purchasing this flash:
I'll email you within the week to get you on the summer schedule. The deposit you are paying will come off the total price of this tattoo. Pricing will vary based on the final size at $150 per hour. Please, no changes to these tattoos. I would like to tattoo these in fully realized black and grey or color of your choosing, but no line-work only, please.
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