Specter split


The season we all know and love is here! As the days get shorter and the nights get colder we spend more time in the dark. It's time to gather with friends for silly fun, creep around in the night, and let our imaginations run wild! Autumn is a good time to reflect on all the ways we grow and change. We can dress up and play the part and we can slow down and show gratitude for the simple pleasures. Life is full of scary things. Remember you made it this far and that's a lot to be proud of! Just like your Halloween costume, you get to decide who you're going to be each day. Have fun!!!!

Upon purchasing this flash:
I'll email you within the week to get you on the fall schedule. The deposit you are paying will come off the total price of this tattoo. Pricing will vary based on the final size at $150 per hour. Please, no changes to these tattoos. I would like to tattoo these in fully realized black and grey or color of your choosing, but no line-work only, please.