Love is such a beautiful thing. We start with the love inside of us. We let it build up and spread to others or we can choose to keep it for ourselves. You can find it in the products of other's passions like art, music, books, etc. You can find it in nature vibrating in the ground and singing through the trees. Love is everyone's. Love is a gift that keeps giving even when the connections are lost. Take time for yourself and the things you love and it will multiply.

Upon purchasing this flash:
I'll email you within the week to get you on the winter schedule. The deposit you are paying will come off the total price of this tattoo. Pricing will vary based on the final size at $150 per hour. Please, no changes to these tattoos. I would like to tattoo these in fully realized black and grey or color but no line-work only. Multiple sessions are encouraged.
Let's make some magic!