Daddy Long Legs

Sold out $50.00

From the 'Love Bug’ flash series inspired by Shibari. These images were created with the intention of celebrating the joy of being vulnerable with a trusted partner or getting to know yourself better. All of the love bugs can be tattooed alone or are able to be paired with the spider character and gender of your choice.

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We email you within a few weeks to get you on the Fall schedule. The deposit will come off the total price of the tattoo. Pricing will vary based on the final size at $100 per hour. Please, no changes to these tattoos. I would like to tattoo these in fully realized black and grey or color upon request but no line-work only. Multiple sessions are encouraged if that is your preference.
Thanks for being a part of my tattoo journey!

I reserve the right to refuse to tattoo certain flash if it doesn’t feel culturally specific to you. Some tattoos can be adjusted depending on the design. My intention is to create tattoos that center BIPOC folks.

See you soon!
Joy Pain